Giving a voice to a song that is unique unto its own.


We are here to be authentic with you, and share our passion for music and the electric guitar. the goal wasn’t to reinvent the vintage guitar, but rather carry on its legacy. No two guitars are the same. They speak to each player with their own distinct timbre and tone, giving a voice to a song that is unique unto it.

Each guitar starts out as an individual rough sawn plank, chosen for its unique figure and grain. The wood is then paired to make a 2-piece body, milled to the desired thickness, and hand-tooled to the bel.sonique shape.  Sanded and sealed, the 2-piece, seldom used 3-piece body is than sprayed with a Nitrocellulose base coat and clear coat if needed. the bodies are fitted with cooled rolled/stainless steel, bridges, control and neck plates, as well as age specific hardware and tuners. 

Your bel.sonique guitar will be crafted by myself and Roger, whose main concern is to provide you a unique, custom instrument, with a truly “handmade” one of a kind feel.

-Ian Blakey Luthier



We use the tried and true "Tone Woods"- Ash, Alder, Pine, Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood, Walnut, and there might even be some Korina in the works...

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There is no automation or CNC in the shop. Everything is hand-tooled.

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Paint & Finish

Your bel.Sonique guitar is finished from sealer to topcoat with Nitrocellulose lacquer. we spray the thinnest coat possible to achieve the desired look. Your guitar is then wet sanded, polished and buffed through a multi-step process. Your guitar’s finish will appear as though it was made in the Golden Age of guitars. It might have some slight wear through the finish and top coat, giving it that nice vintage vibe, worn-in feel. After many hours of playing, don’t worry when your forearm gently wears through the topcoat of the guitar, think of it as your favorite ball glove growing up. How the blood, sweat, and even tears, broke the leather in.

Guitars that have been reliced will be described as such.

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GT: Raised Body Centerline w/ Racing Stripes

GT: Raised Body Centerline w/ Racing Stripes


The Electronics

Each guitar is fitted with boutique quality caps, pots, switches and jacks. All Solder joints are strong, and connections have been made with vintage push-back wire and shielded wire where necessary.  Pickups come from Lollar Pickups, as well as custom wound pickups from Mojotone. Combinations have been well thought out to make your guitar sing, scream, and wail!

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The Hardware

Your bel. Sonique guitar is outfitted with custom cold rolled and stainless steel components, as well as vintage specific tuners and hardware.  The guitar’s hardware and components have been slightly aged for that “Golden Age” look.

The Setup

Your guitar was been professionally set up with the expectation that it is ready to be played, rocked out on, and recorded upon receipt. Please understand that due to the shipping process and enviornmental changes, some tolerences may be out of whack. If you need to consult with your local set up guy, please refer to the “build slip" to see the specifics of your guitar.  This also will contain contact info to register your new guitar. 




- Give your bel.Sonique guitar some time to acclimate to its new enviornment. Placing it in a safe place or on a guitar stand (room temperature, no direct sun) a few hours, for the first couple of weeks will give the guitar a chance settle in with its new environment.  Your guitar comes with an additional set of strings on us-Enjoy! So let her acclimate, and slap those strings on in a week or two. 

- Occasionally your rosewood fret board can dry out a little bit.  Applying a small amount of lemon or mineral oil to the bare wood will quench the thirst. Keep in mind that under normal conditions, this should only be done once or twice a year.      All maple fret boards and bodies have been finished with “Nitro” so please follow the instructions below.

- PLEASE re-read the “DON’T”  section pertaining to polishes/waxes. Since your guitar/neck was finished with Nitrocellulous lacquer, only select polishes/waxes that are compatible with “Nitro”.  Most music industry polishes will do fine, as well as many automotive products not containing SILICON.  Just read labels.



- Apply stickers or adhesives to your new guitar, as it can take months for the “Nitro”  finish to cure.

- Use any polishes/waxes containing SILICON as these are incompatible with “Nitro”.

- Leave your guitar in direct sunlight, extreme cold, or drastic temperture changes, as all three can cause “checking”, and cracking in the “Nitro” finish.