+ Custom Builds and Ordering

All orders at this time will be done from person to person, meaning we will discuss over email or even the phone if necessary to make sure all info is correct and accurate. We require half down to start all builds.

+ Standard Vs. Deluxe

Our "Standard" model is one that we attempt to have available at current lead times. They are in no way less quality in regards to finish and playability than "Deluxe" options. "Deluxe" options are simply add on features and finishes we don't regularly stock or have on hand.

+ Paint and Finish/ Hardware

We only spray Nitrocellulose lacquer. This increases dry times by up to a couple of weeks. Our guitars are sprayed with the thinnest application of "Nitro" to maintain the desired look and finish. A big part of our look and feel is a slight worn or relic'd finish, as though the guitar was made in the "Golden Age" that were replicating. The hardware is treated in a way to make it look played in. No overly shiny hardware here.

+ 1- Off builds

Surprise us! We can get multiple species of wood, various models and schemes have come from customer requests. Many requests have led to future body designs and configurations. Just keep in mind we are "vintage" inspired!

+ Left Handed

We don't always stock left handed bodies and necks, but have no problem getting the parts for a build!

+ Changes to a Build

There is currently no hard fast rule on when you can change something on a custom build from paint to hardware. However just realize that if it takes additional time, that can lead to an increase in shop time. Usually a marginal expense.

+ Set Up

Your bel.Sonique Guitar has been set up to industry standard specs; flat necks and lowest action possible. Guitar 10-46 strings, bass 45-105 strings. Any additional requests such as string gauge can usually be done at no additional cost depending on the request.

+ Is a Case Included?

No. Unless you are local and can pickup, a case is not included with the posted purchase price. If the guitar is to be shipped, there is a flat $150 fee that includes the price of a case.

+ Shipping Rates

We use FedEx currently. There will be a flat $150 shipping fee applied to the purchase (this includes guitar case). This includes the necessary insurance. For international please contact directly.

+ Artist Discounts

We currently have a 3 tier system set up for artist endorsements. We can send you additional info as needed. Trust me I know how hard you are all working out there, we'll do what we can to help ya out!

+ Warranty/ Returns

Warranty/Return Policy: all sales are final, however we will hold our selves and our vendors accountable for one year on craftsmanship and defects. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied